Offer Accepted!

Our original offer was turned down with no counter. We decided to take some time to pray about it and come back to put our final and best offer on the table. After a couple nail biting days, the agent got back to us and informed us that our offer had been accepted!


We just bought a piece of property and things just got VERY real. It’s one thing to shop around and dream, but pulling the trigger and starting to execute on it made things feel surreal.

On to the next hurdle, financing. Finding a lender for vacant land can be extremely difficult, quite a few lenders will do construction loans, but next to none will finance vacant property straight up. We finally settled on a bank, and now we begin the flurry of gathering documents to get the loan process underway.

Putting an Offer on our Dream Lot!

Locating a decent lake lot to build your dream home can be a lengthy process, never mind trying to find the “perfect” lake lot.  The process started off as “it would be cool if…” and after nearly two years of keeping our finger on the pulse of the waterfront market, quickly turned into finding the blessing of our dream lot going up for sale.  Both the location and the price were too good to be true, so we put an offer in. The lot is only five minutes from our current home and only a few extra miles away from our family who lives in the area.

Here are a few pictures from the Zillow listing; waiting to see if the owners accept our offer!