First Lawn Mowing

Recently we got to spend some quality time at the property. We’ve been driving by here and there trying to keep an eye on the height of the grass. We don’t want our weed ridden pasture to overwhelm our neighbors well manicured lawns, so we wanted to make sure we cut it down before it became too unwieldy. While it took us 3+ hours to complete the job with a push mower, it was very rewarding and relaxing to hang out and enjoy the weather while we took turns making a few passes with the mower. I managed a quick video during my wife’s turn.

In some of our downtime, we’ve begun to check out some of the property closer to the lake and brainstorm how to clear the large amount of underbrush and bramble growing in there. It’s quite the jungle right now and blocks the view to the water. We want to thin out the space as much as legally possible while not getting ourselves in trouble and throwing a wrench in the process (1/5th of the 1 acre lot is property owned by the local municipality). Hopefully, I can procure some additional power tools to help make the job easier!