Since seeing the vapor barrier go down, any time we saw a concrete truck we hoped they would wind up at our site. Well today they finally showed up! Seeing the concrete poured and curing is definitely a milestone in the build process. The walk-out basement masonry stage is finally complete!

We also spoke with our new home consultant today. She let us know that she ┬áhad a meeting with the building supervisor to go over the upcoming framing process, and more specifically, all the customizations that we made to the floor plan we picked out. She said that we should see the floor trusses get delivered this coming week (they’ve actually already arrived!), and possibly even some of the framing materials too.

We can’t wait to see the house start to take shape!

Vapor Barrier and Utility Work Finished

Not too much happening this week, we’ve been stalking the build progress daily. Today we noticed that the water tap has been moved and both meters are installed. Also, the pedestal box has been put back together and the ground around it backfilled.

Other news is vapor barrier has been put down in preparation for the concrete to get poured. We are super excited to see the basement and garage concrete slabs get poured as it feels like a milestone in the process. Finally, there is a pile of floor trusses laying off to the side as a hint of how close we are to the framing process starting.

Plumbing Prep

The Construction Sup warned us the basement stage of the building process would be slow and take approximately three months to complete. While things were moving fast in the beginning, with the excavation and grading stages, everything since has included a week or longer of uneventful watching and waiting. At the end of the day, we are happy with the progress being made and love being able to share with ya’ll each of those small steps.

  • This week’s updates include:
    • The long awaited movement of the neighbor’s utility pedestal to the property line
    • Plumbing work in the basement
    • Additional rough grading around the house and in the basement/garage
    • Crushed rock being laid in preparation for pouring the concrete floor


Viewing Our Lot From the Lake

Not much going on construction wise at the house over the last week and a half. Things are on hold until we can get the utilities squared away. After that, they should be able to get the concrete for the basement pad and garage pad poured.

As far as the utilities go, we have been trying to locate our water tap that was put in 15 years ago. After renting a metal detector and searching for about 4 hours, we gave up. The water company went out a second time and was able to find it, right under the temporary driveway the builder put in. So we are now in the process of working with them and the builder to get the tap moved to a better location.

We have also been trying to get the local cable company to move the pedestal box that is pretty far inside our property. After 6 weeks of support tickets and 7-10 day completion promises, they seem to be finally marking the ground to get the work done. The cable company’s construction supervisor informed me that they have approved moving it 22 feet over to straddle the property line, where it should have been installed in the first place.

In the meantime we went out on the lake to cruise around and get a view of the lot from the water. Hope you enjoy the video!