Sprayfoam Insulation

Last week the installation of the spray foam work began. The crew worked Monday and Tuesday on the first and second floors and finished the basement and garage areas late last night. We caught the workers as they were cleaning up yesterday and they gave us a tour of the house.

Derek and I went back on lunch this afternoon to take a few pictures, making note of a few areas it looks like they missed: Behind the master tub and upstairs shower insert, behind the fireplace insert, a couple spots in the attic where the decking can still be seen, a small area in between the wall of windows in the great room, above the hood vent in the kitchen, and another couple spots between the laundry room wall and garage. Derek sent an email to our new home consultant to express concern about this and the fact that it appears they sprayed open cell foam in the garage when we were quoted and under contract for closed cell foam (which is more resistant to moisture issues hence it being the installation standard for external foam insulation).  We are awaiting a response back. So far, the builder has been great with addressing these small oversights in a timely fashion and we are anticipating a similar response.

Next step is another county code inspection, and then drywall and exterior cladding work can begin!

Dining room and front entry
Window above front entry
Master bedroom
Great room and partial view into master suite
Looking down from the upstairs loft area into the great room
Top of stairs looking into bonus room (left), front facing upper bedroom (right)
Looking into rear facing upstairs bedroom and walk-in closet
Basement, looking through future great room into future master suite
Walkout basement view from future great to sliding glass door
View out picture window – Future great room in basement

Pre-Drywall Inspection

There hasn’t been a lot of picture worthy progress with the house since our last post, but we’ve still been busy behind the scenes. We did a pre-drywall inspection with a certified home inspector last week. Then, a couple days, later we had the pre-drywall walk through with our new home consultant and construction supervisor.

After doing some extensive research on the new home construction process, we decided (and highly recommend others) to get an inspection right before the walk through. Having a professional that is not associated with the builder will give you a non-biased look at how the construction process is going and can help catch any code related things the county inspector may have missed. Some inspection companies might even have a special, lower cost rate for pre-drywall.

Once the pre-drywall inspection and walk through was complete, we signed off with the builder, acknowledging we agreed that no rough in changes were needed (after they corrected a light that was wired in the wrong location).

Prior to the inspection and pre-drywall walk through, the builder accidentally started installing batten insulation. We reminded them about the fact that we were doing spray foam and they apologized. They have started removing it and will schedule the spray foam insulators to come out next week. The two sliding glass doors and windows surrounding the front door have been installed in preparation for this next step.

Sliding glass doors installed
Batten insulation installed in error, but will be replaced by spray foam next week
Looking out the sliding glass door from the walk out basement
Looking out the sliding glass door from the kitchen – Sun room build is still a WIP
Transom and side window inserts installed in the front entry