Interior Trim Work

The trim and interior doors have finally arrived and are in the process of being installed. Here are some pictures from the last couple days:

Trim has arrived!
We are excited to see the interior doors installed
Window trim installed in the kitchen, just above the corner sink
The pantry door in the kitchen has been hung
Crown molding, window trim, and chair rail molding in dining room
Linen closet and guest bath doors have been hung
The front office/guest bedroom closet door has been hung – It looks like the entry door will go up next
The door leading from the master bedroom to the en suite has been installed
The master bedroom crown molding and window trim have been installed
Rounded corners were removed and trim was installed around the dining room entry in it’s place
We went back and forth about trimming out these windows and in the end decided to go for it – We really like the way it turned out
Floor and stair trim leading up to the second floor
Second floor hallway trim complete
Closet door, window and wall trim in the front facing upper level bedroom
Upper level, front facing bedroom’s entry and attic door have been installed
Rear facing, upper level bedroom – Closet door hung and window trim installed
The bonus room/fifth bedroom’s entry and closet doors have been hung
Another view of the great room window trim from the loft upstairs

After another lengthy conversation with our new home consultant, we are feeling a little more confident with the timeline of the work that is left to complete, and with the reasoning for some of the delays we’ve experienced over the last month. Apparently there was a backlog with material deliveries which affected not only our new construction, but the construction of five other homes she’s managing as well. Crews have been scheduled and ready to work, but did not have the necessary materials to begin.

Assuming we don’t encounter any more unexpected delays, here is the timeline we were provided for the next month:

  • Window and floor trim, crown molding, and interior door installation should be finished by the end of this week.
  • Interior and exterior paint is scheduled to begin next week and will take approximately two weeks to complete.
  • The kitchen cabinets and island are projected to be installed the second week of February, with the marble countertop installation immediately after.
  • The rear deck for the enclosed sun room and the exterior stone accents should be installed by the end of February, pending weather.

We were told that the house will be locked up after the cabinets and countertops go in. Thankfully, since we want to continue taking progress pictures, we still have the option to gain entry from the workers (or, we can also schedule an appointment with the builder).

Rain and Holi-delays

We’ve had record amounts of rain in 2018 here in the upstate and it has caused some delays with getting contractors in to complete work. Coupled with the holiday season, it has been about a month since our last update.

Now we’ve been warned that the building process can be stressful and we are starting to feel it at this point. We’ve had to apply for a 90-day extension to our 9-month construction loan and we’re concerned that it may not be enough. We spoke with our new home consultant and laid out our concerns. She has been keeping us updated with their current timelines and assures us that the build process will be completed on-time (I.e.: according to the contract the builder has until March 15th with a 30-day window to allow for delays with obtaining a certificate of occupancy).¬†Given the scope of work that still needs to be completed, and with 7 weeks remaining, we are skeptical. We suspect that since we are a “build on your own lot” customer that we rank lower than the builders “tract” homes.

As an example: We drive past one of their new developments on a daily basis when we visit our construction site. This particular neighborhood started off with roads and utility infrastructure only around the time we broke ground. Since then, and well after the framing stage of our house, we’ve watched several new homes in this development break ground. They now have over a dozen of these homes in progress or completed. Our home just got tile installed, meanwhile; people are starting to move in to the homes in this new development.

Getting back to the progress of our build, we have taken some pictures through the tile and grout install process and are very pleased with the look of the shower in the master bathroom. Wood was also delivered for the back deck (which we were told was scheduled to be installed months ago, pending dry weather), so hopefully that gets completed soon. As per the most recent timeline we were provided, the builder is projecting trim and paint to be completed by end of this month.

Frameless shower progress – Master en suite
Bench seat installed and floor tile laid in the shower of the master en suite
Floor tiles laid in the master en suite – grout comes next
Frameless shower tile and grout complete!
A sneak peak of the tile floor in the master en suite…
Tile work is underway in the jack n jill bathroom upstairs
We opted to use the same tile in the guest bathroom and laundry room as the jack n jill bath. Here is a snapshot of what that tile looks like with grout.