Exterior Paint Work

Last March, when we originally signed our contract, we provided an address for a house in one of the builder’s tracts that we liked the external color of (Sherwin Williams’ Grizzle Grey). Unfortunately, when we took one of our daily trips to the construction site, we noticed that the color being painted looked a lot darker than we expected. We decided to drive by the house we based our color decision off of and that’s when we knew that the builder had made a mistake.

We called our new home consultant and had her check the contract and compare the color that was being painted with the color at the address we had asked them to base our color scheme off of. She confirmed that it was definitely two different colors.

In the end, the darker color (James Hardie’s Iron Grey) really grew on us and we ended up liking it better. The blue/grey tone really pops with the bright white trim and black accents, especially in the back of the house which gets full sun.

Here are some photos of the external paint progress to date:

Exterior paint work has begun!
The first coat of paint has been sprayed
The poor lighting conditions make this color appear darker than it really is
The driveway and parking pad have been rough graded to prepare for concrete
Just the chimney, trim work, and then a second coat left to complete
White trim has begun on the east side of the house – Love the contrast
Front porch has metal flooring placed – Prepping for concrete in the near future
First coat of exterior paint and trim is complete
Close up of the paint color – The slate blue/grey color changes shades with different lighting
At the end of the build process, the house will be power washed and then given a second coat of paint
We love the rich color: James Hardie Iron Grey
The white trim really makes this color pop
We are excited to see how the screened in sunroom and second story deck finish off the house’s look
On a cloudy day, the external color has an extra rich, stately look
On a clear and sunny day, this color takes on more of a blueish-grey hue
The low e windows give a lightly tinted look and help protect against UV rays
View of the back side of the house from the lake

Now that the first coat of paint is complete, here is a walk through video of both the inside and outside of the house:

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