Septic & Driveway

After a week and a half, of what felt like non-stop rain, the weather has cleared up enough for the builder to have our driveway poured. The builder had to deliver 3-4 truck loads of dirt to grade up to our garage. Also, we requested they put the driveway as close to the property line as possible and to make it 16′ wide the entire length. It cost us a little extra money but it will definitely be worth it once we have 3 or 4 cars in the driveway.

Moving around back of the house, the plumber had installed the septic tank and was digging trenches for the drain lines. Interior plumbing work should start in the next day or two as well. They are holding off until the bathroom vanity tops are replaced.

Finally, we noticed that they installed our mailbox. Seeing our mailbox with the house number really hit home that we should be moving in shortly. Might be time to get back and start packing things up!

We have a mailbox
Septic work begins
Workers are prepping for the deck work that will be completed later in the week
Sun room supports in place and trenches for the drain field has been dug
Drain field work has begun
Drainage will run from one side of the property to the other, spaced every 5ft
Septic and drainage work is complete – Rough grading for the driveway begins
Concrete driveway being poured
Parking pad is complete and workers are making their way down the driveway
Sidewalk to the front entry is poured and beginning to set
Another view of the sidewalk to the front entry
Concrete work is just about complete!

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