Carpet Installation & Sun Room Progress

This week has been another relatively rain-free week, so there was a good amount of progress made on the house.  On Tuesday, when we dropped by the house on lunch, we saw the garage door and fireplace mantle had been hung and workers were making progress on the sun room.

Later that evening, we met with the contractor that would be building our sun room landing and stairs, to coordinate how we wanted that placed. When we arrived on site, we noticed that the sun room guard rails and door were installed.

On Wednesday carpet installation began and by Thursday it was complete.

By the end of the day Thursday, HVAC was turned up, the hardwood floor for the upper level landing and sun room fan had been installed, and two of the three exterior columns had been placed.

We caught the builder and our new home consultant as we were on our way out and they let us know that stone would be delivered over the weekend for the exterior accents and columns.

A rough grading was supposed to take place on Friday, with landscaping work  to begin today, but we ended up getting rained out. Once the ground has a chance to dry out we should start to see those trades start their work.

All in all, we are making steady progress. Here are some pictures from this week:

Two out of three exterior columns have been placed
Garage door has been installed
The sun room installation is coming along nicely
Sun room door has been installed – just waiting on the landing and stairs
The guard rails have been installed for the sun room – Just waiting on the screens
Love the leaf print fan blades in our sun room
We have a fireplace mantle!
The second story landing is in – All that’s left is to stain it, the stairs, and the fireplace mantle to match the engineered hardwood in the rest of the house
Carpet pad being installed on the second level of the house
Carpet pad has been installed in the master bedroom
The front office/guest bedroom carpet pad installation is complete
Carpet installation begins!
Close up of our carpet selection – It’s a mix of gray, beige, and cream
First level, front facing guest bedroom/office has carpet and it looks great!
Carpet installation in the master bedroom is complete
Second story loft area has carpets
Bonus room/5th bedroom is carpeted and blue tape placed for paint touch up
Upstairs, rear facing bedroom has been carpeted and walls marked for touch ups
Upstairs, front facing bedroom has carpet and in need of very few paint touch ups

And, here are the items still left to complete:

  • Stone accents in front of house, around fireplace (install chimney cap?) – Monday, March 18th
  • Seemless gutters, downspouts – Monday, March 18th
  • Appliance delivery, installation – Tuesday, March 19th
  • Interior paint and trim touch up – next week?
  • Stain hardwood landing, stairs, mantle – TBD
  • Sun room screens and deck stairs – TBD
  • Irrigation installation – TBD
  • Final grading, landscaping, extend drainage pipes around basement of house – TBD
  • Power wash exterior, second coat of paint – TBD

Punch list items:

  • Replace spray foam over sprayed roof shingles
  • Repair damaged brickwork
  • Replace damaged window trim
  • Repair scratches on hardwood floors

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