Landscaping & Appliances

This week the builder worked double time to get the finishing touches completed at the house in order to be ready for an initial county inspection that took place on Friday. Shrubs and bushes were planted, mulch was placed, and hydroseed was sprayed. The screen for the back sun room and appliances  were installed, and after some additional paint touch ups inside a final cleaning took place.

Here are some of the progress pictures we captured this week:

Landscaping work has begun
All of the bushes and shrubs are in by the time the workers left for lunch
By the end of the day the mulch had been placed
Love the purplish pink flowering shrubs up against the blue-gray exterior
Encore Azalea bushes placed up along the east side of the house (and as you can see by the mismatched hardboard siding, external paint touch ups are still a WIP)
Fescue hydroseed has been sprayed
Straw blankets were placed in spots where water is anticipated to run off
Wall oven, cook top, dishwasher, and fridge have been installed – Just need to peel the protective layer of plastic once we move in

Here are the items still left to complete:

  • County code inspector’s punch list (install attic ladder, complete combustion air termination for fireplace, tape and mud basement ceiling penetrations, install cook top lockout breaker) – This weekend
  • External paint touch ups – Next week?
  • Install window screens – Next week?
  • Install remaining accent stone caps around garage – Next week?
  • Irrigation installation – to be scheduled w/ landscaper once Certificate of Occupancy is received

Punch list items:

  • Final paint and caulk touch ups inside
  • Clean up clay and paint spots on carpets
  • Repair damaged brickwork
  • Replace damaged window glazing beads
  • Repair scratches on hardwood floors, kitchen cabinet
  • Repair damaged dryer vent connection
  • Inspect water marks on trim in guest bathroom and great room (lower right corner window)

We are scheduled to do our final walk-through on Monday. At this time we will provide a punch list (see above) of any items we are not 100% happy with for the builder to come back and correct. The county inspector will be back again on Monday as well to ensure a couple (minor) code related items he provided to the builder were corrected.

In talking to our lender, it sounds like it will take five business days to process the necessary paperwork to convert our construction loan to a conventional loan. During this time our new home consultant will be working with the builder to complete the finishing touches on the house and then with the bank to coordinate a time for a final appraisal to take place. Once the bank receives the final inspection from the appraiser and certificate of occupancy from the county, we will be provided the keys to our new house.

We hope to get some final pictures to share with everyone once we are all settled, but in the next couple weeks we will be busy packing, moving, unpacking, and then prepping our current home to put on the market to rent out. Future updates might be less frequent moving forward for a little bit, but Derek and I still plan to use the blog to share updates about ongoing projects around the house (ex: landscaping, outdoor kitchen, dock build, finishing of the basement).

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