First Lawn Mowing

Recently we got to spend some quality time at the property. We’ve been driving by here and there trying to keep an eye on the height of the grass. We don’t want our weed ridden pasture to overwhelm our neighbors well manicured lawns, so we wanted to make sure we cut it down before it became too unwieldy. While it took us 3+ hours to complete the job with a push mower, it was very rewarding and relaxing to hang out and enjoy the weather while we took turns making a few passes with the mower. I managed a quick video during my wife’s turn.

In some of our downtime, we’ve begun to check out some of the property closer to the lake and brainstorm how to clear the large amount of underbrush and bramble growing in there. It’s quite the jungle right now and blocks the view to the water. We want to thin out the space as much as legally possible while not getting ourselves in trouble and throwing a wrench in the process (1/5th of the 1 acre lot is property owned by the local municipality). Hopefully, I can procure some additional power tools to help make the job easier!

Working With a Builder

We closed on our property loan December 16th and everything went smoothly. We were going to wait a few years before we started the process, but the excitement of building our home and the current climate of the real estate market has us working with a local builder.

The majority of our time over the last few months has been figuring out what finishings we want (ex: what exterior cladding, whether or not we were going to have a pool installed, debating between optional things like spray foam and big picture windows facing the lake). We have poured over the details, constantly refining our wants versus our must-haves and balancing them against our agreed upon budget. Getting to the point of signing off on all those small details this past weekend was a great relief and we are excited to move on to the next phase, clearing the waterfront portion of the lot in preparation for excavation.

Here is the floor plan and basement layout we decided on below. Not many homes in this area will accommodate a walkout basement, and when they can, you can’t afford not to. It’s an immediate equity opportunity, so we went for it (the pool, on the other hand, we decided will have to wait until later).

Here is a concept picture we sent to the builder to use for the wall of windows we will have in our two story great room facing the lake.

Survey Says…

The holiday season is upon us. We’ve been crazy busy with family in from out of town, but wanted to provide a few quick updates. We just received a copy of the survey we requested (which cleared up some confusion we had regarding the drainage easement and property line on the west side of the lot), and we are hoping to close our loan before Christmas.

More updates ASAP; Happy Holidays!

Offer Accepted!

Our original offer was turned down with no counter. We decided to take some time to pray about it and come back to put our final and best offer on the table. After a couple nail biting days, the agent got back to us and informed us that our offer had been accepted!


We just bought a piece of property and things just got VERY real. It’s one thing to shop around and dream, but pulling the trigger and starting to execute on it made things feel surreal.

On to the next hurdle, financing. Finding a lender for vacant land can be extremely difficult, quite a few lenders will do construction loans, but next to none will finance vacant property straight up. We finally settled on a bank, and now we begin the flurry of gathering documents to get the loan process underway.

Putting an Offer on our Dream Lot!

Locating a decent lake lot to build your dream home can be a lengthy process, never mind trying to find the “perfect” lake lot.  The process started off as “it would be cool if…” and after nearly two years of keeping our finger on the pulse of the waterfront market, quickly turned into finding the blessing of our dream lot going up for sale.  Both the location and the price were too good to be true, so we put an offer in. The lot is only five minutes from our current home and only a few extra miles away from our family who lives in the area.

Here are a few pictures from the Zillow listing; waiting to see if the owners accept our offer!