Prepping for Drywall

Last week I mentioned how we sent an email to the builder, expressing concern about a few areas on external walls that the spray foam installers missed. We included these photos highlighting those spots:

As anticipated, the builder was easy to work with and had the issue corrected within days of our communication. This cleared the way for the county to do another code inspection (which passed) and allows the builder to move on to the next step in the build process: Drywall!

Yesterday, Derek and I swung by the construction site and saw that the material was in the process of being delivered. We decided to stop by again this afternoon to grab a quick video and some pictures of the house progress to date.

Drywall delivery has arrived
Drywall being moved through the front entry
Sheets of drywall placed in dining room and great room
Prepping for drywall – Great room, kitchen
Prepping for drywall – Great room
Prepping for drywall – Dining room, front entry
Drywall placed throughout the lower level – Can’t wait to see it go up!
Prepping for drywall – Master suite
Prepping for drywall – Guest bedroom/office
Prepping for drywall – Garage
Prepping for drywall – Upper level front facing bedroom
Prepping for drywall – Bonus room/5th bedroom
Prepping for drywall – Upper level rear facing bedroom
Prepping for drywall – Looking down from the loft into the great room
Prepping for drywall – Basement
Obligatory fall/winter view of the lake ūüôā

Sprayfoam Insulation

Last week the installation of the spray foam work began. The crew worked Monday and Tuesday on the first and second floors and finished the basement and garage areas late last night. We caught the workers as they were cleaning up yesterday and they gave us a tour of the house.

Derek and I went back on lunch this afternoon to take a few pictures, making note of a few areas it looks like they missed: Behind the master tub and upstairs shower insert, behind the fireplace insert, a couple spots in the attic where the decking can still be seen, a small area in between the wall of windows in the great room, above the hood vent in the kitchen, and another couple spots between the laundry room wall and garage. Derek sent an email to our new home consultant to express concern about this and the fact that it appears they sprayed open cell foam in the garage when we were quoted and under contract for closed cell foam (which is more resistant to moisture issues hence it being the installation standard for external foam insulation).  We are awaiting a response back. So far, the builder has been great with addressing these small oversights in a timely fashion and we are anticipating a similar response.

Next step is another county code inspection, and then drywall and exterior cladding work can begin!

Dining room and front entry
Window above front entry
Master bedroom
Great room and partial view into master suite
Looking down from the upstairs loft area into the great room
Top of stairs looking into bonus room (left), front facing upper bedroom (right)
Looking into rear facing upstairs bedroom and walk-in closet
Basement, looking through future great room into future master suite
Walkout basement view from future great to sliding glass door
View out picture window – Future great room in basement

Plumbing Complete

Yesterday evening we had the pleasure of meeting about a dozen families from our soon to be new neighborhood at a nearby restaurant for dinner and drinks. I can’t say enough how blessed we feel to be a part of this community. Everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly. We got to hear some more fun stories from those who were original to the area, as well as meet another couple who also transplanted here from Upstate NY, Irondequoit and Syracuse specifically. Small world!

At dinner our neighbors let us know the plumber had been to the site earlier that day, so we swung by at lunch today to grab a few pictures and a video.

Upstairs Jack & Jill bath – vanity plumbing (1 of 2)
Upstairs Jack & Jill bath – shower/tub insert, commode, vanity plumbing (2 of 2)
Master en suite – garden tub with lake view
Master en suite – his and hers vanity plumbing
Master en suite – water closet plumbing
Master en suite – frameless shower plumbing
Guest bath – vanity/water closet plumbing
Guest bath – shower/tub insert
Laundry room – washer plumbing
Garage – water heater plumbing
Basement – water drain, plumbing for future full bath
Hose bibb (another has been installed on the west side of the house)

Roof Progress

We did our daily drive-by the house at lunch and after work yesterday to grab some pictures of the roofing progress. By the end of the day yesterday the roof was just about complete. It looks like the metal accents that will go above the garage, office, and upper bedroom overhangs are all that’s left to install.

Our new home consultant, Vanessa, was actually on site during our afternoon visit. She was checking on the build progress and putting her “build on your own lot” realtor sign out at the front of the yard. ¬†She let us know that the plumber would be on site in the next couple of days to start the plumbing work and suggested we mark where we wanted our outside hose bibbs installed.

We also coordinated a time and date to meet with the electrician next week in order to go over details like having conduit added for future network cable runs and placement of electrical outlets.

Unfortunately, while our windows were ordered over three weeks ago, it sounds like it could be another few weeks before they are delivered and installed. ¬†Apparently the recent construction boom in the area has the window business considerably backed up. This is one of the many reasons we decided to build now instead of waiting 3-5 years like we had originally planned. The housing market has been super hot the last couple years and it’s to the point now where the cost to build is beginning to increase. Thankfully we went under contract when we did because in just 6 short months, the very same house would have cost us considerably more to build!

Framing – Day Thirteen

Framing day thirteen is just about complete, and with it, our framing time-lapse video! The last bits of framing are small loose end items that will be done inside the house and likely finished today or tomorrow (ex: stairs leading up to the second story, the bonus room floor, and support joists in the ceilings). That is to say, we decided to cut our time-lapse video short because videoing the remaining work would be hard to capture from a safe spot outside the construction zone .

When we stopped by the site on lunch, we were excited to see the roofing material was delivered today.  It looks like we will have charcoal colored architectural shingles put on the roof soon. It also looked like there were some ridge line vents included in the delivery, so we called our new home consultant to inquire about that and the fact that the roof appeared to be sheathed in a way that would support the installation of these vents.

In the end, she confirmed what we suspected, with the spray foam installation process we will not need these items. They are simply included by default in their roofing material package.

All in all, we are super excited about the progress of the build and are hoping to see the roofing go up as soon as next week!

Framing – Day Eight

On the way home from dropping Gavin off at school, we got a call from our soon to be new neighbor across the street. She was giving us a heads up the crane showed up early. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, we missed the wall of windows going up for our time-lapse video. Thankfully, we still managed to record the majority of the crane work, and at the end of the day, grab a bunch of really great pics. Today was by far our favorite day of the build process to date!

Framing – Day Seven

Lots of framing work completed today in preparation for the roof trusses, which should go up tomorrow, pending the weather. We are hoping the rain continues to hold out and that the lot is dry enough for a crane to maneuver around. ¬†We can’t wait to see that back wall of windows and the roof lines go up!

Framing – Day Six

It threatened to storm all day, but thankfully it held off and allowed the workers to get a good amount of second floor framing work completed. We are hoping the majority of the framing is done before the potential inland flooding hits our area with hurricane Florence!

Framing – Day Five

Thanks to hurricane Florence being forecasted to arrive later this week, yesterday, a storm blew in out of nowhere, pounding the upstate with high winds and heavy rain. Our tripod and camera actually blew over just before we arrived, causing the time-lapse video to stop prematurely. One of the workers took notice, gathered up our recording equipment, and brought it over to our neighbor across the street to secure for us before they left for the day. I can’t tell you how thankful we are to these gentlemen! Not only are they extremely hard workers, but they are super thoughtful too.