Basement Excavation Begins

After a day of no work being completed on the site (and us visiting the lot twice that day to rubber-neck), we were exited to see this big hole in the ground when we stopped by again this evening.

At first glance, it appeared the basement was excavated 10-15 feet further forward than we had plotted out; however, after talking to our new home consultant, she verified with the construction supervisor that it was not.

We also inquired about the pile of stone that was delivered. We wanted to verify if it was for the drainage easement we were having brought up to county code. Apparently this material is smaller than the rip rap and will be used to create a temporary driveway for the construction crew.

After talking to the grader directly, we confirmed the drainage easement work will be begin later this week. ¬†We can’t wait to stop back and see the progress! For now, here is a video of the basement excavation work that has been completed.

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