Drainage Easement and Temporary Driveway

We have been enthusiastically making a habit of stopping by the site on lunch and again in the evening to check on the progress of the build. I’m sure after a few months of this, the excitement will wear off. Until it does, expect lots of pictures, videos, and updates!

Today, the grading company laid the stone for the temporary driveway (apparently that’s code here). Unfortunately, they cut our neighbor’s Charter cable and phone line in the process. The cable box is currently 20-25 feet into our front yard from the west facing property line, and complicating the placement of our driveway. We had a quick chat with them to discuss the storm drain easement work and to propose having the utility box moved right to the property line between our houses (this neighbor is the only one in the cul-de-sac that uses this cable box for service).

We were relieved to hear the owner of the grading company had gone over prior to speak with the neighbors too. He had prepared them in advance for the work that was going to be done at the back portion of their property, within the 20 ft. easement. They seemed happy someone was finally doing something about it, and explained how they had tried calling the county about it in the past, but no one ever got back to them. We didn’t let them in on the fact that we had to call the county several times before we could finally speak to an engineer ourselves, and request the original drawings be sent.

At the end of the day, the excavation crew completed a lot of work! Here are some pictures of the storm drain easement being rerouted, straight back towards the lake, and the rip rap being placed.

This video is a compilation of all the work that was done today.  We stopped by the site twice. By the end of the day, the temporary driveway had been laid and the drainage easement was complete.

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  1. Waaaaah, it’s over😫 I felt so VIP but I’m all caught up now. I guess I’ll have to wait for daily updates just like “the normies” do now lol 😂

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