Framing – Day Thirteen

Framing day thirteen is just about complete, and with it, our framing time-lapse video! The last bits of framing are small loose end items that will be done inside the house and likely finished today or tomorrow (ex: stairs leading up to the second story, the bonus room floor, and support joists in the ceilings). That is to say, we decided to cut our time-lapse video short because videoing the remaining work would be hard to capture from a safe spot outside the construction zone .

When we stopped by the site on lunch, we were excited to see the roofing material was delivered today.  It looks like we will have charcoal colored architectural shingles put on the roof soon. It also looked like there were some ridge line vents included in the delivery, so we called our new home consultant to inquire about that and the fact that the roof appeared to be sheathed in a way that would support the installation of these vents.

In the end, she confirmed what we suspected, with the spray foam installation process we will not need these items. They are simply included by default in their roofing material package.

All in all, we are super excited about the progress of the build and are hoping to see the roofing go up as soon as next week!

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  1. Dad and I just got done watching the time lapse video! Awesome job! Love the view from the window holes. TY for sending us the link! So excited for u!

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