Low Voltage Conduit & In-Home Vacuum

Slow, but steady progress. The low voltage conduit contractors installed the in-home vacuum piping, recepticles, and wiring this week. I also coordinated with them on the side to run conduit (the orange tubing) for future CAT6 connectivity. I’m really excited to get the CAT6 run and punched down to the patch panel in the basement.

We have been playing guessing games as to what is coming next. Hoping we get the hardboard siding and exterior stone accents delivered soon. At some point in the near future, we know there will also be a pre-drywall inspection (most likely before they do the spray foam insulation). After doing some research, we decided it would be wise to have a home inspector assist us in this step, just to make sure we have a neutral and experienced third party look things over on our behalf.

Low voltage conduit (orange tube) in pantry for wireless access point
Low voltage conduit (orange tube), inside wall of master bedroom/great room
In-home vacuum receptacle – several placed throughout the house
Low voltage conduit (orange tube) on an outside wall of office

3 Replies to “Low Voltage Conduit & In-Home Vacuum”

  1. House is coming along nicely! Love the in home vacuum idea!Can’t wait to see the next posting! Love to all! Mom and Dad! 😘❤⚘

    1. Isn’t it? We are loving all the progress with the inside and can’t wait to see the exterior cladding go up. Everything is really starting to come together and we love the way it is turning out! 😀 ❤

  2. I’m loving the window view to the lake… just simply breathtaking!! I remember you explaining the in-house vacuum system. Who isn’t jealous of that 😜

    I can’t say enough about how little I knew goes in to building a house lol 😂 ❤️

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