Exterior Cladding Work Begins

This week was a busy week for the builder. Not only was drywall taped and then mudded with multiple coats, but as one crew worked inside another was simultaneously working outside on the exterior cladding.

We love the way the hardboard siding is turning out. Especially with the extra character of the vertical board and batten under the front porch. Currently the siding is unpainted and not it’s final color. We picked out a dark slate grey with white trim and can’t wait to see it painted.

We are hoping to see the stone accents under the windows of the front bump out and garage, and possibly even the screened in sun room go up next. Our new home consultant mentioned that the concrete would be poured for the driveway, sidewalk, and 15×15 patio under the rear deck after the paint stage, but with Christmas just around the corner, and rain predicted for the next 7-10 days, we don’t expect a lot of work to be completed until after the new year.

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