Selecting our Marble Slab

Almost every year for as long as Derek and I have been together he has taken time off between Christmas and New Years. Many years in the past we have taken this time to do small remodel projects in our house. This year we decided to knock off some items from our new construction to-do list.  Namely, taking a visit to East Coast Granite and Tile to pick out a stone slab for our countertops, and the local lighting shop to narrow down our light fixture choices.

When we signed our contract back in March, we had it drafted in a way that allowed us to personally pick out a stone slab for our kitchen countertops and island. Otherwise, we would’ve left it to chance that the style we picked would look as good as it appeared as a small sample piece in the showroom.  What we didn’t know at the time was that the level 3 stone that we opted for not only included granite and quartz, but marble as well.

After doing a bunch of research on the pros and cons of each stone type, we ultimately decided to go ahead with marble versus a granite or quartz that only resembled it.  This was the article, “Should you use Marble in the Kitchen?” that helped to solidify our decision.

Here are a couple snapshots of the stone slab we picked out:

Mont Blanc Level 3 Marble – East Coast Granite & Tile, Spartanburg
Love the amount of character the dark veins in this slab create!

In other news, yesterday we spoke with our new home consultant, Vanessa Herb, to pass along the details regarding our countertop decision. She let us know that as soon as the drywall guys confirmed their work was complete, we’d see paint, trim, and tile go in next. It’s still somewhat surreal that we are down to the last three months of this build process, but we are super excited that we’re finally at the point where we get to see the interior work start to come together!

4 Replies to “Selecting our Marble Slab”

  1. Yayyy… now comes the fun part; picking out every detail that is to your own personal liking!!🎈❤️

    I love the marble slab you guys picked out!! I’m so excited!! It’s all coming together beautifully 🥳🥳🥳

    Congratulations 🍾🎉

    1. I’d take credit, but it was all Tina; I thought I wanted a dark/black granite. So glad I let her be spoiled because it looks amazing!

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