Low Voltage Conduit & In-Home Vacuum

Slow, but steady progress. The low voltage conduit contractors installed the in-home vacuum piping, recepticles, and wiring this week. I also coordinated with them on the side to run conduit (the orange tubing) for future CAT6 connectivity. I’m really excited to get the CAT6 run and punched down to the patch panel in the basement.

We have been playing guessing games as to what is coming next. Hoping we get the hardboard siding and exterior stone accents delivered soon. At some point in the near future, we know there will also be a pre-drywall inspection (most likely before they do the spray foam insulation). After doing some research, we decided it would be wise to have a home inspector assist us in this step, just to make sure we have a neutral and experienced third party look things over on our behalf.

Low voltage conduit (orange tube) in pantry for wireless access point
Low voltage conduit (orange tube), inside wall of master bedroom/great room
In-home vacuum receptacle – several placed throughout the house
Low voltage conduit (orange tube) on an outside wall of office

Great Room Windows & Fireplace

Finally, one of the big moments we’ve been waiting for… the great room wall of windows has been installed! We couldn’t have been happier with how this room is turning out. Now that all of the windows are in, we are waiting on the two sliding glass doors to be delivered and put in place. Bonus, the wood burning zero-clearance fireplace insert is in and it looks great.


A little over a week since our last post and the electricians have been onsite and finished up the first part of their work. All switch and outlet boxes have been installed, wiring run throughout the house, and the breaker panel installed in the basement. The low-voltage contractor should be onsite next week to run the tubes for the in-home vacuum system as well as the conduit for future CAT6 connectivity.


It’s been about a week since our last post, but during that time a lot of things have been going on behind the scenes.

We arranged for the low voltage contractor (who will be installing our in-home vacuum system) to install custom conduit runs throughout the outside walls of the house. This will make it easier for me to run auxiliary media through the spray foam insulated walls, like CAT6 or other standards as they come out.

When we met the builder and the tradesmen on site last week, we got the impression from the electrician that the electrical work would begin later that day. When we dropped by the lot on Friday to check on the progress, it didn’t seem like they had started anything yet; however, the HVAC work had begun, the great room windows had been delivered, and the metal roofing accents were put up.

Great room windows
Black metal roofing accents above the garage, office, and upstairs bedroom
Closer view of the metal roof accent – office, upstairs bedroom
Closer view of the metal roof accent – garage

In retrospect, it seems as if the electrical work may have been contingent on the HVAC work being finished, or the electrician was held up on another job. Either way, our low voltage contractor reached out to us yesterday to let us know he can’t begin his work until the electrical has been installed. He let the builder know about the delay, and we’re hoping to see those trades completed sometime in the next couple weeks.

In better news, as of yesterday, the HVAC installation appears to be complete! Here are some progress pictures and a video of the finished work:

Windows Installed

We went to the site to meet with our builder yesterday to discuss the location of the HVAC unit in the basement. When we arrived, we noticed most of the windows and front door had been delivered earlier that day.

Because the wall of windows in the great room and the two sliding glass doors hadn’t been delivered yet, we didn’t expect installation to take place until much later. We were surprised to drive by this evening and see the work had already been completed!

Tomorrow we meet with the electrician to iron out any final details before he starts his work. And, there is a pile of HVAC materials in the garage that seems to have been delivered today, which means they may be starting that work soon too.

Plumbing Complete

Yesterday evening we had the pleasure of meeting about a dozen families from our soon to be new neighborhood at a nearby restaurant for dinner and drinks. I can’t say enough how blessed we feel to be a part of this community. Everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly. We got to hear some more fun stories from those who were original to the area, as well as meet another couple who also transplanted here from Upstate NY, Irondequoit and Syracuse specifically. Small world!

At dinner our neighbors let us know the plumber had been to the site earlier that day, so we swung by at lunch today to grab a few pictures and a video.

Upstairs Jack & Jill bath – vanity plumbing (1 of 2)
Upstairs Jack & Jill bath – shower/tub insert, commode, vanity plumbing (2 of 2)
Master en suite – garden tub with lake view
Master en suite – his and hers vanity plumbing
Master en suite – water closet plumbing
Master en suite – frameless shower plumbing
Guest bath – vanity/water closet plumbing
Guest bath – shower/tub insert
Laundry room – washer plumbing
Garage – water heater plumbing
Basement – water drain, plumbing for future full bath
Hose bibb (another has been installed on the west side of the house)

Roof Progress

We did our daily drive-by the house at lunch and after work yesterday to grab some pictures of the roofing progress. By the end of the day yesterday the roof was just about complete. It looks like the metal accents that will go above the garage, office, and upper bedroom overhangs are all that’s left to install.

Our new home consultant, Vanessa, was actually on site during our afternoon visit. She was checking on the build progress and putting her “build on your own lot” realtor sign out at the front of the yard.  She let us know that the plumber would be on site in the next couple of days to start the plumbing work and suggested we mark where we wanted our outside hose bibbs installed.

We also coordinated a time and date to meet with the electrician next week in order to go over details like having conduit added for future network cable runs and placement of electrical outlets.

Unfortunately, while our windows were ordered over three weeks ago, it sounds like it could be another few weeks before they are delivered and installed.  Apparently the recent construction boom in the area has the window business considerably backed up. This is one of the many reasons we decided to build now instead of waiting 3-5 years like we had originally planned. The housing market has been super hot the last couple years and it’s to the point now where the cost to build is beginning to increase. Thankfully we went under contract when we did because in just 6 short months, the very same house would have cost us considerably more to build!

Framing Complete; Roofing Begins

We thought the roofing would start early next week, but were pleasantly surprised to see it started yesterday afternoon. Here’s a video of the completed framing and the roofing progress so far.

Framing – Day Fourteen

We were excited when we arrived at the site and the framing crew was packing up and heading out. After 14 work days, framing has been completed! All the braces were taken down and floors were “cleaned”. We could finally get a good feel for the finished space and layout.

Walking in from the garage
Breakfast nook and kitchen
Looking through pantry and laundry room into the garage
Looking from kitchen into the great room
Looking from the great room into the dining room and out the front entry
Zero-Clearance wood burning fireplace has been framed
Dining room looking into the great room
Front entry looking into dining room, great room, and kitchen
Front office/guest bedroom
Front office closet looking through master suite
Master bedroom
Master suite
Bonus room/fifth bedroom
Second story front bedroom
Second story rear bedroom
Upstairs loft looking down into the great room

Framing – Day Thirteen

Framing day thirteen is just about complete, and with it, our framing time-lapse video! The last bits of framing are small loose end items that will be done inside the house and likely finished today or tomorrow (ex: stairs leading up to the second story, the bonus room floor, and support joists in the ceilings). That is to say, we decided to cut our time-lapse video short because videoing the remaining work would be hard to capture from a safe spot outside the construction zone .

When we stopped by the site on lunch, we were excited to see the roofing material was delivered today.  It looks like we will have charcoal colored architectural shingles put on the roof soon. It also looked like there were some ridge line vents included in the delivery, so we called our new home consultant to inquire about that and the fact that the roof appeared to be sheathed in a way that would support the installation of these vents.

In the end, she confirmed what we suspected, with the spray foam installation process we will not need these items. They are simply included by default in their roofing material package.

All in all, we are super excited about the progress of the build and are hoping to see the roofing go up as soon as next week!