Framing – Day Twelve

Its the twelfth day of framing and the sunroom roof is done, as well as the roof of the master bedroom bump out. The entire house has been wrapped, and we also have some more stairs inside. There is still the last half of the stairs leading to the second floor and the west facing garage roof to finish. After that work is done, there will just be a little bit of clean up and the framing portion of the build will be complete!

Framing – Day Eleven

Checked on progress today and the roof is nearly complete. The majority of the house has been wrapped and the framers mentioned to us that they are almost finished. We also had a nice surprise, the staircase was installed in the basement. Its now much easier to get between floors.

Framing – Day Nine

Its hard to see the difference today as its mainly been plywood sheathing going up. With Hurricane Florence on the way, this will be its final state until Monday. Its estimated that we will get 4-6″ of rain and up to 40mph winds over the next 36 hours.

We decided to go back to the house after the workers left to blow out all the sawdust that was still on the sub floor, so it doesn’t hold moisture against it. Wish we had a little more time to do some additional site cleanup, but its starting to get dark early. No video this time as the interior hasn’t changed, but here’s a few pictures where we tried to capture some of the plywood that has been put up on the roof.

Framing – Day Eight

On the way home from dropping Gavin off at school, we got a call from our soon to be new neighbor across the street. She was giving us a heads up the crane showed up early. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, we missed the wall of windows going up for our time-lapse video. Thankfully, we still managed to record the majority of the crane work, and at the end of the day, grab a bunch of really great pics. Today was by far our favorite day of the build process to date!

Framing – Day Seven

Lots of framing work completed today in preparation for the roof trusses, which should go up tomorrow, pending the weather. We are hoping the rain continues to hold out and that the lot is dry enough for a crane to maneuver around.  We can’t wait to see that back wall of windows and the roof lines go up!

Framing – Day Six

It threatened to storm all day, but thankfully it held off and allowed the workers to get a good amount of second floor framing work completed. We are hoping the majority of the framing is done before the potential inland flooding hits our area with hurricane Florence!

Framing – Day Five

Thanks to hurricane Florence being forecasted to arrive later this week, yesterday, a storm blew in out of nowhere, pounding the upstate with high winds and heavy rain. Our tripod and camera actually blew over just before we arrived, causing the time-lapse video to stop prematurely. One of the workers took notice, gathered up our recording equipment, and brought it over to our neighbor across the street to secure for us before they left for the day. I can’t tell you how thankful we are to these gentlemen! Not only are they extremely hard workers, but they are super thoughtful too.

Framing – Day Three

It’s been brutally hot the last three days (high 90’s) and the framers our builder contracted out have been putting in 10-12 hour days. Derek and I have been stopping by the site each morning to set up the camera, and drop off drinks and breakfast to the workers. When we stopped back at the end of the day today, the framing supervisor let us know they would be back to work again tomorrow (Saturday). I have never met a harder working bunch of people!