Tree Clearing has Begun!

We met with the builder and grader to discuss the start of the project on Tuesday. We’ve had some concerns about a storm drain on the edge of the property and wanted to make sure it got the proper attention. Previously, the builder had told us that we needed to involve the county to get permission, but we kind of picked up on the fact that they seemed timid on even touching it.

After a few phone calls to the county land development office, I managed to speak with someone who sent us the original engineering drawings for water runoff. We provided the builder with the information and hoped they had everything they needed to make sure it got done right.

During the meeting with the grader, the builder informed us they would not touch or warranty the grading of that back corner, and that we needed to work directly with the grader to correct it. The grader assured us that he would make it right, bringing it up to county standards; however, the rip-rap rock required is like buying gold. We gave him the OK, as the current storm drain doesn’t slow the water much and is ripping a valley through the back corner of the lot. I’d have to say that water drainage is probably our top concern during this build process. We are praying it gets done right and we can have some peace of mind about it.

As we walked around the property with the builder and grader one last time, they were commenting on how it was the perfect lot for a walk out basement. Hearing them talk about it and pointing out where things would be really got us excited for seeing the finished house. I don’t think any of our mental visualizations will do it justice.

Builder says they’ll be starting lot prep next week!

Update: We got antsy and decided to drop by the lot today and it looks like the grader is already beginning the tree clearing (blog post title updated). We managed to snap some pictures and videos. They are attached below.

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